Sure Shot Pest Control Specializes in Bora-Care® Termite Pretreats 

If you’re a general contractor or custom home builder, you want your clients to have a structure that's healthy from the inside out. One important aspect of building structures with wood frames is pretreating that wood for termites. Every special touch counts - that’s why as a professional builder, you should pretreat all of the wood in the project to protect against termites.

At Sure Shot Pest Control in Sherman TX, we offer termite pretreatment services utilizing the advanced Bora-Care Termiticide, Insecticide, and Fungicide Concentrate. Whether you are building a brand new custom house or just remodeling a room in your home, we can spray for termites with a pretreatment Bora-Care solution. This termite pretreatment penetrates the wood studs and then remains on the wood for the life of the home. Bora-Care termite pretreatments can only be applied during the construction phase of a home and is a one-time job. Sure Shot Pest Control is located in Paris, Texas and travels up to 100 miles for termite pretreatment jobs. Dallas, Irving, Denton, Arlington, Texas contractors- we serve you!

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage every year to homes throughout the United States. Our termite pretreatment is a guaranteed way to provide long-term protection. We regularly partner with custom home builders and general contractors to applyl Bora-Care pretreatment termite solution. Because Bora-Care only requires a single application from a portable backpack or tank sprayer, we arrive at your construction site, perform the termite spray and then we're gone. We give longevity to the wood used in the construction project.

If your construction project is in need of a one-time professional termite pretreatment to preserve the wood on your new home and protect against termite damage, contact the talented pest control experts at Sure Shot Pest Control today. We serve the North and East portions of Texas.